by Dieversity

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Re/Awakening is the second album of the german melodic death metallers Dieversity.


released September 11, 2015



all rights reserved


Dieversity Würzburg, Germany

Dieversity is a german modern melodic death metal band from Franconia.

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Track Name: Life
i – 'll be the one who dry your tears at night when you
cry – hold you close by me and let your sorrow
fly – i am yours and you are mine for all my
life – i cannot live without you anytime

little one, you're here and what will there be
little one, do i learn from you or you from me?
little one, i stroke your face very kind
because i know – i know that you are mine

count your fingers count your toes
yelling your first cry – touching your nose
uncertainty is what i felt
that will accompany me

was i good - am i good - will i be good
questions never end

i will catch you – i will hold you – i will be your clown
i will save you – and embrace you when you're falling down
if you're sad in hundred years – and you will be alone
i will take you by your hand through thick and thin to home
Track Name: Too Bild To See (feat. Björn "Speed" Strid of Soilwork)
bring back the horror to your life - think about yesterday
all questions you've been asked
and what you thought you've learned and prayed.

too late to beat them fucking back - too late to go your way
cause what they know and wants to know
just let you slip away

don't feel the anger now
don't try to turn it down

hello world, i´m falling on my knees
and you are just too blind to see.
now you turn your light right over here.
nothing but to fear

hello world, your flash comes down on me,
you made me just too blind to see.
look at me so i can finally tell.
i am on my way to hell.

another day is yet to come and all my problems seem undone
- but that's the prize you pay in life
but now it punches in your neck and when you wake up from the dead
- you're sure it will now start again

no – a bullet in my head
no – won't save me from the dead

on and on rolls the stone as time went by
and nobody will hear the poor folks cry

spring and summer, autumn, winter all the same
when you're consumed by horror, panic, death, pain, hate and blame

help me i'm falling from the earth in the night of the sky
to the dreams in my mind and i find me so
deep in a lake, in a sea but when i take a deep breath
on the air i will see that nothing has changed.
Track Name: Stop War Inferno
listen to me now telling you a story
about the sense in your life about your pride and glory
'bout the fear in your eyes about the final attack
about the guy that gives your wife the flag

caked with blood you come out from the trench
it doesn’t matter if you’re fighting 'gainst russians or french
always marched with your head held high
to be swollen with pride the greatest honor’s to die
plant the war deep in your brain - nothing else matters in your life without change
smell the blood and lick the mud and hide behind your shredded bud

you feel it – you don’t belong to your own
awareness – and doubts if you come home
beware of – the system tells you what to do
be glad that – your heart still beats in you

and then a bullet breaks the quiet (you hear)
i want you to follow me
open your mind and realize – hold a white flag in the sky (and scream)
stop war inferno

are you proud to kill as agreed and your name carved in stone of our history
are you sure to sell your soul for someone who will dig you in a dirty black hole
break your guns and break their rules and shit on what they wanna do
be yourself it’s not too late – step up to the plate – it’s your own fate

inhale smoke and gasoline
why you do not disagree
why are you so fucking proud
and shed your life and don't think back and what it's all about
Track Name: In Your Dreams
whispering and voices around
you cannot see anyone who's looking at you
wimp a glittering light
you jinx the evil a long pink nose he wrinkles to you

what you wish for it comes true
when dragon demon devil misdirecting on you
when angels and the pirates and the beautiful trees
live together in a perfect brilliant harmony
and unicorns with golden horns
sleep quiet in thorns their bodies torn
from bloody fairy deadly beast
you wake up sweat before the feast

good night, sleep tight,
don't let the bedbugs bite
good night

in your dreams
you are the master of all kings queens
you rule the world – it's up to you
you fly to the moon and back
in the blink of an eye can't you see

you burn the priest and crown the witch
the rich are poor - the poor get rich
and bears prepare for their last fight - fight against ghosts tonight
where mice slay tigers tells mockingbird
and you really tell us truth
cause it's only up to you
so you never ever never ever doubt the ways you do

twinkle, twinkle, little star,
how i wonder what you are
Track Name: On Your Own
people – they're living in fear - fear of unknown truths
what's behind the hate, the fate, the death, their useless lives
nothing they can control – heat of sun and the cold
afraid of stars and scythes at night – when they collide

no one will save us – no one is born
to bear our sins and guilt – just stop to mourn

on your own – you die alone
that's the only fucking truth you have to hear
on your own – you die alone
believe in me

they take you over to the morgue where you will sleep
your life fades out now - can you tell me what you see?

fear of failure – fear of love and when you're bound forever
nothing's gonna stop you now – think it's getting better
you are not the only one – you're still in the mass
when you burned up to your bones – you rise to sky above

can you say – eternally?
does it feel – heavenly?
will you be – a cow or bee?
i only smell that they're burning me!

look back - and tell me what you finally see
when the death comes so suddenly
and you feel in the end you will realize
that not blue but black is the sky
Track Name: Don´t Teach Me
he is the one who crashed to the ground
all is chaos – fear has torn us
emptiness is here now
ripped apart the love - just tears

take care of me - help me stand
mostly i mourn
come to me - encourage me - alone
is this real life? i'm not sure
help me living
i don't know where i go
i stay here

i know where i do belong
i'm shure no one can be strong
i'm aware what you want from me
i know where i do belong
i'm sure no one can be strong
to teach the man that should teach me

where you gone what went wrong
you pulled the strings
and now it's cut through - the hallows catching you
all came crashing down all around.
and now you're telling lies - but would you know the price
all will turn one's back on you
no one knew what is true - chasing all your friends is what you do

what do you think you are? i know for sure
that you don't care about me
or did you stop to use your brain

by the way where's the truth
it died with your soul
all the things you've lived for and they'll never forget
sink deep in alcohol
Track Name: Speed Dial To Pain (feat. Nico Balletta of DTLOT)
stop tell me excuse
stop lie to yourself
would you gonna give you up and be somewhere else

i'll tell you the truth - be your law and right
call me brother till the end i will fight

here is my number you want to take it i'm sure
i know all your problems let me be your cure
someday i will be your revenge
someday you will give me some pence
i felt in a dream where all evil's gone
into a world where's nothing to mourn
attraction of forbidden
the final step to set me free

what will you do -
when you can't say a word,
when you have nothing to say
you will be beaten down with the words you pray
the last you hear -
your face smacks to the ground,
your mouth full of chain
just call on me it's the speed dial to pain

oh god there is hate deep inside me
oh god i won't let it out cause i feel
your charming smile will then chase me
and all the wounds in my heart will not heal
a thousand days awake you stare
a thousand days you cried
only one choice left to dare
and then you'll free your mind

oh you're sitting here and start to cry
looks like raindrops falling from the sky

oh - i'm the antidote - that will free your mind
i'm your light of hope - wait in you inside
Track Name: Forget The Past
you wear a mask your cloth is black a baseball bat will smash some heads
but just for fun - you jump for joy - but that don't mean you want to destroy
because they're wrong you don't know why - it's just because you like to fight
you burn the cars the green and white - your rage is the thing that unifies

war, victims, lonesome heroes, so many people died
terror, horror, endless sorrow - shows me the stupid mankind

tell me why they show no mercy
is that all they have learned?
buried in oblivion sadly
did they forget the past?

i know your next step to be free -
now go put on your bomb belt do it instantly
blow up yourself to heaven - that doesn't bother me
but do it alone

is there a god speaking - oh look my hands are bleeding
is this reality or just my fantasy

i put a bullet in your head or i will stone you till you're dead

i have to disagree - my god will rescue me
from hell so down below - to heaven's shining throne
Track Name: ReAwakening
when you're down and you're out
no one left to - hold you and they
suck of your life
sick and tired
there is no fucking way out - head up now!

don't be foolish - it's time to rise up to yourself
don't be peevish - my toes claw deep into the ground
inhale the coldest air
my blood runs back into my veins
where is the cross i'll bear
i put my fingers in your wounds

feels like - i'm drowning to be free
stand back up stronger than before
no need - no needs for gods or praise the lords

how do you know about it?
high time now – i waited patiently
get up and start from beginning
how do you know about it?
can't stop me – oh go away from me
get up and start from beginning

rise up from the grave on the second day
white blazing light flashed painful in your eyes
now get your things done - do not hesitate
go save your neck

wings like a phoenix – fire like the sun
from the ashes to the sky of this world where we won
back our hope and dignity
hard and strong you do belong the creeping humpy douchebag puppies

you're not nailed to the cross
you gloss your life it's not worth a toss
agree with your primary instinct
you have to think
Track Name: Pardon!
i can feel – that it's real
when the guilt will punsh you down
when it feasts and breaks your soul
you're out of control
cause what you get – you deserve
it paralized your nerves – you fall
tears a massive hole
knocked down to the ground and say

i am - the blame inside your mind
i am - for what you pay the price

it's hard to beg your pardon – admit your own mistake
but there's nothing more important you could say
find the right words for you – it seems ridiculous for me
but the hardest thing is to believe

counting days and counting nights
since you're not by my side
it's all - dead and while i fall
panic and confusion overwhelming it all
cause how'm i gonna live with this guilt in me
hoping that in end with this when i grab the risk
telling you i'm sorry for this filthy shit
apologize is not my virtue but this virtue is a gift

will it be right to say what's more than you will say
will it be right to hold you or you think it's just to late

what are your excuses for
they're just lies i can't ignore